Knowing islam...

Who, how and what is mosleems?

How and what is these mosleems? they are weird..

Dear friends and fellas..
Muslims or Christians or Buddhist or from any religion..
What do you really define mosleems ?
By referring to these picture of mosleems scholars?
A beard people for man and cover-the-face for woman?
Wearing robe and some kind of weird thing in head for man and scarf for woman?
Fellas..islam is not like that..
Islam is a wide, sophisticated religion..
True mosleems doesn't stuck with old school dressing..
We mosleems wears the same shirt as you all..
We mosleems eat the same as you all..
Didn't you see?..

The question of dressing

If you are saying you mosleems also as the same as others, why wearing the robe and scarf?

Fellas..robe is the traditional dressing of arabs..
and it also the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad..
We mosleems although we are modernized, but we still doesn't leave Muhammad sunnahs.
Its like sugar to be add into a water..
If there are no sugar, so how can the water tasted?
Thats is sunnah Muhammad..
Its make our life as Mosleems bitter and sour without sunnah..
Scarf? its is the law from Allah..
To cover womans' hair just for the specific one..
Islam really sacred the woman..
They doesn't want womans crown,the hair that is being shown freely for other people and man..
The womans crown is just for their specific ones,.
Husband,,family of course..
That law of Allah shows islam really sacred and keep woman and take woman to a respected levels..

Islam is the religion of peace..
I'm proud to be mosleems..

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