A confession to my blog..

Dear my blog..
I'm so jealous to my friends..
Reading their blog..
Soo many things about islam..
About knowledges..
About the beauty of islam..
About feqh, hadeeth..aqidah..
Everyone commenting about islam and this lifes..
But i?
I just wrote something normal on you..
How weak i am..

Dear my blog..
Whilst everyone can share their knowledges of islam in their blog..
I truly didn't know how to share mine..
Lots of things i want to share..
I didn't know how..
What did i do for islam?

Dear my blog..
Give me the strength..
While everyone blogs have their own followers..
For the "ilmiah" they wrote..
Mine is just so pathetic..
Maybe for everyone what i wrote on you..
Is just a normal things..
so boring-and-stupid..
Why people want to read my blog?
Maybe no-one..

I don't know..
I just pray for..
Allah to make me istiqomah in this writing field..
to dakwah in english,,

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